Legitimate Ways to make Money Online in Nigeria

There are been a lot of argument in recent times, on whether there are legitimate ways to make money online in Nigeria or not. More of concern is the current state of the Nigerian economy, which has left many people to start looking for legitimate ways to make money. In this article, I want to proof to you that it is indeed possible to find legitimate ways of making money online in Nigeria.

Nigeria has a population of over 180 Million people, thus making it a fertile ground for any legitimate business to strive. Considering the rapid population growth and the slow pace of infrastructural development and inadequate jobs to cater for the ever growing population, people in Nigeria are turning to the internet to seek legitimate ways of making money to augment their financial obligations.

Some of the available ways to legitimately make money online in Nigeria include, but not limited to the following.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online based business that gives you the opportunity to sell other people’s products or services and earn money in the form of commission. This type of business is very easy to set up, considering that you are not required to own the product or services. In most cases, the affiliate company will train and offer you all the marketing support to ensure your success.

Referral Marketing

Also known as Network marketing, this is another legitimate way to make money online in Nigeria. Referral marketing is a very lucrative business that any serious-minded Nigerian desirous of earning unlimited passive income can venture into. This is so because, it is a business of numbers, the more people referred, equates to the income earned. The advantage of referral marketing success in Nigeria is the population it has. Imagine promoting or exposing your referral marketing business to a huge population or market like Nigeria (these population constitute your friends, colleagues, relatives, acquaintances etc)


You can start a blogging business by simply setting up a blog in your area of interest or hubby and get people to read the content. The success thrust of a blog is your ability to add valuable, original and unique contents on it. People tend to follow blogs that are content laden. This is another legitimate way to make money online in Nigeria because you can place adverts on your blog to make m

Own Website

You can sell your products or services online by setting up a website or an ecommerce site, this will help you reach more people, which also translate into more money for you.

It is indeed possible to make legitimate money online in Nigeria. Do your due diligence, look for the right company and give it your best.

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