Are you always Broke? 2 Guaranteed Ways Out!

Believe it or not, most Nigerians, given the current economic situation are always broke. I am surprised by this submission, but it is the bitter truth. Just last night, I was somewhere in my neighborhood and this conversation ensued between a group of people. The height of their discussion hinged on the fact that everyone is broke. That is, people do not have sufficient money to meet their everyday needs.

Being broke should not be an issue, but when it becomes a habit, then, it calls for concern. If you are among those, who are constantly broke, I suggest that you re-examine your lifestyle.

However, I have highlighted Two (2) Actions that will help you stay out of being broke.

1. Take Action
Life is all about taking action. Every human being has the desire to achieve success, in terms of finances, wealth, health, relationship etc. Take it or leave it, the only reason why people are not living their dream life is because they are not ready to take the necessary action. Let me ask you, how many times have you seen opportunities to better your life and you let them go? This happens because people harbor all sorts of concerns and fears which hinders them from taking the necessary actions. I urge you to TAKE ACTION on that plan/goal that will give you the major financial breakthrough in life. Start that business, Take that course, Learn that skill etc…Do it today!

2. TV Addiction
Lots of people spend their entire lifetime watching TV, not knowing they are inviting poverty into their lives. Why waste your precious time, (which could have been invested into some viable ventures), on worthless programs that don’t add value to your life? The more time you spend watching TV, the quicker poverty catches up with you (This is the biggest shocker!!!). If you are addicted to watching TV, I urge you today to make up your mind and do something reasonable with your time. This is more true considering that video or movie sharing sites are thriving today because of the huge patronage. People are becoming addicted to watching TV/MOVIE, not knowing they enriching the pockets of those actors. Why not do something to also get you watched, while you also make money? Just a thought…

I have lots of valuable tips to share with you, but I hope you will keep a tab on my blog I will not relent until you become a Success!

The truth is this, God created us to enjoy this life, but our Actions or In-actions are the BIG Factors, limiting us. The only remedy is to pursue a good cause and stay motivated.

Talk to you soon.

Stephen A.

About The Author


My name is Stephen Adetolu, happily married and blessed with 3 lovely, wonderful and bright children. I am committed to impacting lives by delivering valuable success formulas and tips that have proven to be effective in every sphere of life. I am in a mission of Transforming lives for the better... I currently manage a financial and mind empowerment platform at Smart Choice International

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