Retrain your Brain in Order to Live Life on your Own Terms

After graduating from secondary school, some people stop pursuing further education if they’ve already found a job they’re comfortable with. Those who continue on to graduate from university very rarely continue educating themselves, unless their job has a specific course they need to take.

Usually, this is because they’ve already done the required amount of learning for their careers, and they’re a bit sick of school after about 17 years of it. So, they figure since they don’t need anymore of it, it’s no longer useful for them.

In reality, more education is always useful, even if it’s not conventional learning. As an online entrepreneur, it will be vital that you embrace the aspect of continuing education because the marketplace is constantly changing.

Most successful people will never pass up the opportunity to learn more. They tend to have a much more diverse knowledge, and know at least a little bit about most things in life.

They’re familiar with history, have a decent knowledge of mathematics, know their sciences, and are well versed in the English language. Because they have all of this knowledge, they’ve been able to find the career or niche that best suits them, but are also able to utilize their wider knowledge in their specific fields.

Once you broaden your horizons and gather more knowledge, you might find that the career you previously wanted isn’t what you want to do anymore. If you spent most of your education excelling at English, you might not have even realized you enjoyed history more.

Even if you don’t change your career path, you’ll be able to pull inspiration from other fields for your own job. For example, if you decided to write novels for a living, you could use your knowledge of history to write historical novels that you publish.

Alternatively, if you pursued a career in science, you would be able to use your writing skills to publish papers and health products. Continuing your education doesn’t necessarily mean getting more conventional education.

You don’t need to go back for a few more years of college to be successful. Instead, learn from other people’s stories and find out what’s worked best for them in life. Talk to people who have taken different paths than you and see what it’s been like for them, and learn from what they know.

You can also gain some more conventional knowledge by simply reading up on online forums or at your local library. Devour books, magazines, and even YouTube videos. You have to dedicate time every day to learning a bit more, even if it’s just for a short period of time.

Now you know important it is to engage in the habit of retraining your brain for improved productivity. I hope you will take it as a duty upon yourself to start retraining your brain today.

I will talk to you soon.

Stephen A.

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