Welcome to the official blog of Smart Choice International https://www.smartchoiceinternational.com, a Nigerian Online System created to build a network of like minded people who share a common passion to help each other earn extra money online in Nigeria, that is each Generating Unlimited Passive Income on Autopilot. These people also share a common desire to live a successful life, personal development and self help. This system is guaranteed to help you earn extra money online on a passive basis!

Smart Choice International is a VISION

We created this blog to bring you realtime value-laden content to support your growth for success. Smart Choice International is a subsidiary of SmartBrainz Impactmax Solution, a company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. This means, we are real, authentic and legitimate.

We are committed to your Financial and Mind Empowerment through the Smart Choice International platform that is positioned to helping you generate Unlimited Passive Income Online on Autopilot. In essence, this system is programed to help you earn extra money online in Nigeria on autopilot

The SCI platform is built on the principle of Uni-level Network Marketing System and the channel for achieving this vision is through our product, called “The Ultimate Success System”

We are your Number one, choice when it comes to delivering valuable and timely content geared towards your Personal Development, Wealth, Self Help  and  Motivation to Success in every sphere of life.

Our contents are real, original and value-laden with all the tips you need to succeed in your choosen field of endeavour. The objective of Smart Choice International is to deliver High Premium resource to aid your Personal Growth, Wealth  and Development.

Our products covers Financial Freedom, Personal Development, Self Help, Health, Relationship, Parenting, Career, Weight Loss, Home Business, Entrepreneurship, Online Business, Education, and lots more.

We currently run four (4) Membership Plans that gives you access to Members-Only content as follows;

  1. Ultimate Success System gives you a one (1) year access to members-only content, plus lots of discounts on our valuable products. This package sells for N5,000 only, with lots of benefits which includes access to valuable personal development resources, bonuses, incentives (recharge cards, phones, cash rewards, etc). If you do the maths, this package only goes for N416 per month, which in my opinion is incredibly cheap compared to the lofty benefits therein. You will surely earn extra money online when you become a member
  2. Six Month Package: gives you access to our members-only content for 6 months at N3,000 Only
  3. Three Month Package: gives you access to our members-only content for 3 months at N2,000 Only
  4. Trial Package: gives you a thirty (30) days access to members-only content, plus lots of discount on our valuable products. As the name implies, this package was created for the doubting thomases, who would want to try the system before subscribing to the Ultimate Success System package. Don’t worry, once your thirty (30) days trial expires, you can upgrade to the one year plan. A trial will enable you access the system, understand how it works and get acquianted with the operations. A trial will convince you!

“The Ultimate Sucess System” is a value addition initiative of Smart Choice International designed to empower you to attaining the highest level of success achievable. Here we transform individuals from mediocrity to Success through our digital content delivery mechanism. We help you earn extra  money online in a seamless fashion

We offer the best compensation plan in Nigeria paying up to five (5) levels deep at a commission rate of 40%, 15%, 5%, 5% and 10%. In a nutshell, our system ensures that you continue to earn money online in Nigeria for as long as you remain our member.

Smart Choice International is all about you, your success, personal development and financial independence. No one else cares about you like we do! Our system is the most Reliable and Dependable source of earning extra money online in Nigeria.

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Our Vision

To become a world class platform for financial and mind empowerment

Our Mission

To help as many people attain financial independence and mind empowerment though our dedicated product “The Ultimate Success System”

Our Core Values

At Smart Choice International, our operations are hinged on these core values:

  1. Integrity
  2. Honesty
  3. Relationship
  4. Building Network
  5. Excellent Customer Service

What stands us out among our peers is the fact that we will help and support you start, grow and nurture your business. Our system is built to help you earn extra money online, generate unlimited passive income on autopilot and attain the highest level of personal development achievable… You will not regret knowing us!

We hope this blog will give you all the impetus and insights you need to become a SUCCESS in your chosen field of endeavor.

Happy Reading.

My name is Stephen A. CEO and Founder of Smart Choice International. With the Passion to Impact Lives through Value-Laden Contents.

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