Smart Choice International (SCI) is a subsidiary arm of SmartBrainz ImpactMax Solution, a company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. We are Real, Authentic and Legitimate.

SCI is a vision born out of the passion to build a community of like-minded individuals, give them a platform to earn money online in Nigeria as well as access to value-laden resources aimed at empowering your mind.

The system has a unique package or product known as “The Ultimate Success System” and every member is expected to subscribe or buy into the product.

Ultimate Success System is a product of Smart Choice International designed to ensure you earn extra money online, empower your mind and help you attain the highest level of success achievable

Signup or register and buy into the Ultimate Success System, a product that costs you N5, 000 only for one year. That is to say, you will have access to the benefits therein and earn extra money online for 365 days.

Our Product cost N5, 000 for one year!

However, we have other packages as follows:

Six Months Package that gives you access to membership for 6 months

Three Months Package that gives you access to membership for 3 months

We also have a Trial Package for those who wish to give the system a trial. This package costs N750 only for seven days!

The moment you become a paid member, a personal website will be assigned to you for the purpose of growing your business. This business website is unique and personal to you alone, this is where your referrals will have the chance to join your community. You can log into your backend (website), at any time to control, monitor and run your business.

We encourage every member to build a community, stay close and nurture them, because that is the basis for your growth in business.

As a member, you will be given a unique URL; this is your business tool for success. This URL or Referral Link could be promoted in a number of ways (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Forum, SMS etc.) We shall show you how to get the best result.

Our system works on the principle of uni-level, which means, there is no limit to the number of people you need to refer. This is the best and most credible strategy in Nigeria today. The system is straight and easy to understand. Better still, it is the best system designed to help you earn extra money online in Nigeria.

We operate on a five (5) level commission plan. No business does this in Nigeria!!!

Commission Plan

Levels Commission Value
1 40% N2,000
2 15% N750
3 5% N250
4 5% N250
5 10% N500
Total Amount N3,750

You can earn as much as 75K and above every month…we give you the liberty to determine what you EARN, it is simply about the effort you put in. We currently have members who are earning above 100k

This explains why we are the best in Nigeria!!!

There are lots of other benefits that comes to you as a member, they include:

  1. Fast start bonus
  2. Ranking Bonus
  3. Referral contests
  4. Gifts items such as Recharge cards, Phones, Cash rewards etc.
  5. Lots more will be added regularly


  1. You can make payment directly into our Bank Account either by Transfer or USSD Code
  2. Payment can also be made using your credit card via VOGUEPAY (Log into your account and click the upgrade button to make payment)


Your commission is paid and kept in your wallet (imbedded in your account). Minimum amount you can withdraw is N2, 000. You can log into your account and request this payment.

We release payments to our members on 15th and 30th of every month upon request. Such request are paid either directly into your Bank Account or VOGUEPAY Account (in this case, you must own a VOGUEPAY Account).

Don’t forget that we are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria; hence, we are a business you can TRUST.

We present to you a system that gives you a BUSINESS-IN-A-BOX (A Business that helps you earn extra money online in Nigeria with ease)

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