Trust you are doing well. First, let me seize this medium to apololize for not updating this blog frequently as I ought to. The reason is very simply, Smart Choice International platform has been formally launched and we diverted our attention towards ensuring a successfully take off.

Today, we are happy to inform you about the formal launch of Smart Choice International. The platform is open to the world with the mandate of bring about Financial and Mind Empowerment to you.

Smart Choice International is a vision that aims at causing a positive revolution in the global community. With the Vision of becoming a world class platform for Financial and Mind Empowerment, the business is now ready to receive new members.

Also known as SCI for short, the platform has a lot of interesting features aimed at delieving on its promise of Financial and Mind Empowerment. This promise will be delivered through the vehicle of premium contents in the areas of wealth creation, success living, health and wellness, living a life of purpose, prosperity, overcoming challenges, stress management, personal development, leadership, making money, investing, real estate, savings, parenting, family, goal setting, achievement, motivation, passion, self help, happiness, joy, contentment, confidence, self help, self care, self esteem, frugal living and lots more.

These content will be delivered through the SCI product called THE ULTIMATE SUCCESS SYSTEM. The product is strictly designed for you (members of SCI) with the mission of empowering your mind to success, to attain your God-given heritage of fulfillment.

Our mode of content and value delievry is unique and different from any Multi-Level-Marketing company out there. Most of the MLM platforms do not have any product or clear cut blueprint for its members, but at Smart Choice International, the overall success of our members is our utmost priority.

The drive here isn’t about the money, rather, the totalilty of our members. We want you to be empowered and live you purpose on earth. This explains why empowering the mind is our first point of call because we know that Whatever the Mind can conceive, it can achieve. If we empower your mind, then, there is no stopping you at getting to your destination in life. The Smart Choice International is the vehicle for achieving this mission and the means or product for its delivery is The Ultimate Success System.

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Some of its features include:

  • Access to download premium contents from the stable of its product The Ultimate Success System
  • Access to any of the three membership plans (Gold, Silver and Bronze)
  • Gold membership lasts for 1 year at the cost of $45
  • Silver membership lasts for 6 months at the cost of $25
  • Bronze membership lasts for 3 months at the cost of $15
  • Any of the membership plan gives you the opportunity to Generate Unlimited Passive Income Online on Autopilot through its referral or Network Marketing Program
  • Absolutely FREE to become a member, however, a little investment is required to enjoy the benefits
  • Open to the Global Market, as long as you have access to the internet, you can become a member from any part of the world
  • Access to premium products at heavily discounted rates (purchased from the SCI store). Members only
  • Members earn Residual income through our Affiliate Marketing Program
  • Periodic contest aimed to giving you more income generating streams
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Replicated website strictly for you only. You can track and monitor your activities from your backend
  • Dedicated Referral link for promoting your SCI business. This link will be assined to you automically when you become a member
  • Marketing Tools to help you promote and grow your SCI business (Banners, Tell-a-Friend Script, Text Adverts etc), plus free consutation on marketing strategies
  • Wallet System that serves as your bank account, this is where your earned money is kept at your control. You can do anything you wish with the money in your Wallet System, ie Register New Members, Buy Products or Request Payout
  • Minimun payout request is $20
  • Commission is paid into Perfect Money. More options are been worked out and will be added soon
  • We accept payment through Perfect Money, Payza. More options will be added soon
  • The best commission structure or compensation plan in the Network Marketing Indusry
  • SCI adapts the Unilevel Network Marketing System, Which easy and straight forward.
  • Lots of reward system imbedded
  • Affiliate commission of 25% upward on every product purchased by your downline
  • Effective communication and messaging system, such that you can communicate with your downlines and build formidable teamwork
  • We have a responsive support system to all your querries
  • We are the best and will keep improving to serve you better

One of the reasons we created this blog is to serve as a support system towards educating and informing you about happenings at the Smart Choice International platform.

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My name is Stephen Adetolu, CEO of SmartBrainz Impactmax Solution and Founder of Smart Choice International, shrewed Netprenuer with experience spanning over 10 years. I am happily married and blessed with three wonderful children. I am living my life purpose by impacting lives! My vision for creating the Smart Choice International platform is to become a world class platform for Financial and Mind Empowerment.

Click Here to Visit the Smart Choice International Website

Together with my team, we are poised to give you a …Life Time Unique Experience¬†

We will be happy to welcome you onboard

What we will become in life is all about the choice we make today, Choose GREATNESS, Choose SMART CHOICE INTERNATIONAL


Smart Choice International Team



My name is Stephen Adetolu, happily married and blessed with 3 lovely, wonderful and bright children. I am committed to impacting lives by delivering valuable success formulas and tips that have proven to be effective in every sphere of life. I am in a mission of Transforming lives for the better... I currently manage a financial and mind empowerment platform at Smart Choice International