Amazon is the largest online shopping mall today, every year billions of people all over the world make purchases online from In this article, I will be showing you how to make money online with Amazon.

There are hundreds of thousands of products selling on Amazon and every day people go online to make researches on the products to buy. This is where you come in as an Amazon affiliate.

First off, anyone seeking products to buy on the internet, first does a search on the products, the various types, reviews, descriptions, pricing, discounts etc. As an Amazon affiliate, you can present such information to prospective buyers who will in turn make purchases based on your recommendation.

What is required is that you present such information on your blog or website, of course, with the relating keywords. Once anyone searching for a specific product, finds your website, they are most likely to make purchases often after reading your review.

All it takes to start off as an Amazon affiliate is for you to conduct a research on the product you intend to promote. Find the keyword relating to the product you intend to promote. The keyword must have a Global Search of 1,000 and above, competing URL of between 10,000-20,000 on Google, once you have found a winner, you may move to the next step.

Buy a domain name relating to your keyword, for instance, if the keyword you found is about women’s boot. You can go ahead and register a domain such as women’ Get hosting for your domain. This will enable you host your website on a world server and enable the search engines find your website.

Put the review you have written on your website or blog and start writing and submitting articles to article directories for free traffic and back linking activities.

If you do this rightly and consistently, you will start making money online with Amazon in no time, this is exactly how to make money online with Amazon.


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