Today,  I am focusing on leadership and what it takes to be a good one! You may be wondering why the attention on leadership, right?

Well, I believe everyone, including you, is called into leadership. No matter what your position is currently, you are a leader in one way or the other. I have seen organizations, businesses, marriages, relationships, fail due to leadership deficiencies. I am hoping that you will learn something new in this article tagged “Three Must-Have Ingredients of a Good Leader”.

Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. In a business, organization, company etc, leadership can mean directing workers and colleagues with a strategy to meet the company’s needs. This definition captures the essentials of being able to inspire others and being prepared to do so.

Having said that, let us now delve into the main business of this article, which is to discuss the three must-have ingredients of a good leader.


Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. A good leader sees beyond what everyone sees, he is always ahead in thoughts and actions. Most times, followers are limited in their thought process; hence the capacity to deliver is restricted.

It takes a good leader to form a mental picture of the desired goal(s) to be achieved, maps out strategies to achieving them and influence or inspire everyone to key in and deliver the expected result. Most often, good leaders are called crazy or mad people, this is not necessarily because they are, rather because they see what others don’t. Leaders believe in themselves, hence the conviction with which they drive everyone to deliver. They are dogged about their vision.

Effective Communication

Communication is the process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs or behavior. As this definition makes clear, communication is more than simple transmission of information. The term requires an element of success in transmitting a message, whether information, ideas or emotions, a communication therefore has three parts; the sender, the message and the recipient.

A good leader must be able to communicate his vision in such a way that followers decode and understand the message. Communication is a two-way process of reaching mutual understanding, in which participants not only exchange (encode-decode) information, news, ideas and feelings, but also create and share meaning.

Until the followers understand and take ownership of the message (decode), the leader’s vision or goal(s) will be difficult to achieve, in most cases, it will be sabotaged or aborted. The responsibility lies on a good leader to develop an effective communication skill. The same goes for every organization, departments and individuals.

Result Oriented

Result in the context of this article, is the outcome of a leader’s vision or goal(s). A good leader must be result oriented; he or she should be driven by result.

Another reason why a good leader should be result oriented is because, RESULTS inspires the followers. The leader should be able to deliver and present results of any action as a motivation to getting the followers do more.

Here you are, we have covered three essential must-have ingredients/qualities of a good leader, whether you are a leader or follower, I believe that everyone is called into leadership (father, mother, son, daughter, citizen, employee, HOD, name it). That position you are currently occupying is a call to LEADERSHIP! Be a GOOD LEADER!!

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