It is that time of the year where we wish all our esteemed customers and visitors compliment of the season!

How far have you achieved your financial goal, how fulfilled are you in 2017? I trust that at the begining of 2017, you had lofty dreams and goals that has to do with your personal finance and mind empowerment.

Now looking back, how would you rate your performance or achievement thus far? Perhaps you desired to earn much more, but the platform was not readily handy.

Maybe, just maybe, the platform you expected to ride on was not reliable enough to give you the desired financial result you wanted. The platform could have disappointed you and so, jeopardized your dream of ending this year with a roburst financial income.

In my usual tradition, I am here to bring you succour and respite. This is where, I wish to introduce Smart Choice International to you.

Smart Choice International, also known as SCI is a platform dedicated to helping you become financially independent as well as empowering your mind.

These are two foundamental inputs you need to give your life a boost! Imagine a scenerio where you have all the money you need, but your mind is not equipped enough to guide or direct your actions, do you think, the money will make any sense to you? well, your guess is as good as mine.

Now, imagine another scenario where you have all the money and your mind is well equipped or empowered to take life’s challenges. What do you think will become of such individual?

This explains why, Smart Choice International focuses on developing the mind as well as giving you the platform to generate unlimited passive income, thus helping you to become financially independent.

To empower your mind, SCI through its membership platform gives you access to brand new premium ebooks in the areas of personal development, success, happiness, career, achievement, goal, health, overcoming fear, self help, personal finance, relationship, dating, marriage, etc every month. These ebooks are value ladden with rich content aimed at reshaping your life for the better.

All of these are packed in our Ultimate Success System product meant only for registered members. It is safe to say that, Smart Choice International offers you the much needed turn around your life need. It is all about making money and empowering your mind. Imagine using your referral link to get 100 people or more registered under you? That is a lifetime source of income for you. We call this passive or residual income.

How would you feel, if you get one brand new ebook delivered to you every month? Not just any type of ebook you find out there, rather, these are ebooks written from the point of indepth research and well structured to deliver value and knowledge as well as empower your mind. Ordinarily, these ebooks would cost a fortune to acquire, but Smart Choice International offers them on a platter of Gold to you our member.

Beside those, we also avail you lots of contents that will repurpose your mind for good. Remember, everything you will ever become in life (good or bad) begins and end in your mind. This is why, at Smart Choice International, your mind is our TARGET!

If your mind is empowered, you can be, do and become whetever your want in life.

Having said this, I hope you will make it a point of duty to give your mind all the attention it deserves. Empower your MIND Today!

Thank you for reading.

Talk to you soon

Stephen A.


My name is Stephen Adetolu, happily married and blessed with 3 lovely, wonderful and bright children. I am committed to impacting lives by delivering valuable success formulas and tips that have proven to be effective in every sphere of life. I am in a mission of Transforming lives for the better... I currently manage a financial and mind empowerment platform at Smart Choice International